High Current Testing - Batteries

The current developments in electromobility and the rapidly growing field of battery production require completely new contact solutions.

We can provide test solutions used for the integrated temperature measurement for testing, charging and discharging of: 

  • Batteries

  • Battery Cells

  • Li-ion Energy Storages

Our contacting solutions are ideal for testing, charging and discharging different cell types. 

Scratch Technology 

An important basis for optimal contacting at high currents is an extremely low contact resistance to the test item. This is realized by a scratch contact, which causes a defined scratch movement on the contacted surface and thus achieves best results especially with contaminated or oxidized surfaces. The scratch solution is particularly suitable for contacting battery cells, as the typical aluminum current collector on the cathode side can be reliably contacted. In particular, the occurrence of a wetting current effect can thus be avoided. This ensures reproducible good contacting results.

The outstanding results regarding the current carrying capacity of these contacts were confirmed by an extensive investigation.

Spring-loaded temperature sensors

For monitoring the temperature directly at the conductor, we can offer a wide range of spring-loaded temperature sensors. These sensors are so slim that they can even be integrated in various contacting units, for example in the contact block up to 600 A or even in coaxial high current contact probes with an internal pin.

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Battery Cell Testing
Battery Cell Testing