In-circuit & Functional Testing

Whenever electronics are involved, they must be tested for functionality. 

Test probes are used to test electronic components within the electronic industry.  While ICT (in-circuit test) test probes are used to test components, FCT (functional test) probes can be used to test entire assemblies. 

A popular application with a wide choice of series and head styles with centres from 50 mil to 100 mil. These probes are associated with in-circuit test fixtures and functional test fixtures and test jigs. 

For contacting lead free solder pads or very contaminated PCBs, a high progressive range of ATE probes are available. This range of high progressive series not only penetrates viscous residues, but provide a longer life cycle. 

ICT Contact Probes

During in-circuit testing (ICT), each component of an electronic assembly is checked for faults. Short circuits, interruptions, soldering or component faults are detected and assemblies are rejected according to a go/no-go test.

FCT Contact Probes

During functional testing (FCT), the assemblies are tested completely or in partial areas for the intended operation. The function test of the modules is carried out in the end application or in an environment that simulates the end application.


ATE Probes
ATE Probes
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