Universal LightProbe Sensor Six-Pack

Sensor Six-Pack (S6P)

The Universal LightProbe Sensor Six-Pack provides a compact and efficient way to install six Universal LightProbe Sensors in a single space-saving unit.  The convenient installation provides two standard circuit board header connectors, enabling the use of standard ribbon cable connections for the Universal LightProbe Sensors’ output.  A single power and a single ground wire is all that is needed to connect as many as six Sensors. 

The Sensor Six-Pack will accommodate any combination of the pre-programmed Universal LightProbe Sensor models, which can then be paired with a wide variety of Fiber-optic Probes to customize for a specific test.  For example, the Penta Sensor can be combined with “Trident” Fiber-optic Probes to test 18 LEDs.

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