ULP S2 Unicolour Sensor

Part Number ULP-S2-SCI/V

The S2 Unicolour Sensors are designed for the intensity test of any single colour from the five main LED colours which include blue, green, yellow, orange, red. It will also test the intensity test of white, infrared and UV.

Universal LightProbe S2 Unicolour Sensors check the LED colour by providing a voltage output proportional to LED intensity only if the LED is the color specified for the S2 Unicolour Sensor, e.g., blue, green, yellow/amber, orange, red or white, Infrared or UV. The Universal LightProbe S2 Unicolour Sensor provides a single analog output, ranging from 0 to 4 volts, which corresponds to the LED intensity, only if the correct colour is detected. The Sensor will be insensitive to the wrong colour. 


  • Response time: <10mS capture time; 65mS overall response time; intensity output of correct colour only.
  • Easy install with one-hole fixing clamps available
  • Output loads: 'Int' - 2Kohms min.,100pF, max.

Colour Response

  • Analog output ranging from 0 to 4 volts 
  • Output is proportional to LED intensity only if the LED is the colour specified and it is turned on
  • Tests five of the main LED colours - blue, green, yellow/amber, orange, red including white
  • Tests infrared LEDs/emitters 700nm to 1000nm
  • Tests UV LEDs/emitters 365nm to 400nm
  • Sensor is insensitive to the 'wrong' colour
  • NOTE: IR LightSources which show specific IR wavelengths are also available

Intensity Response

  • Analog output ranging from 0 to 4 volts
  • Corresponds to LED's luminous intensity in millicandelas (as provided in most LED manufacturers specifications)
  • C.I.E. photopic-curve-corrected for visual colours
  • Tests LEDs from 1 mcd to 20,000 mcd, and up to 315,000 md with the very low sensitivity version of the sensor

High and Low Sensitivity options

This sensor is available in low and very low sensitivity options.

Read-out <50mV indicates under ranging (LED is too dim) 

Read-out  >4 volts indicates over ranging (LED is too bright), for IR LEDs, <5mV indicates over ranging)

Intensity response depends on the size of the LED, the aperture of the fiber optic probe and the distance between the probe tip and the LED emitter. For detailed application notes, please contact us.