ULP S2 Penta Sensor

Part Number ULP-S2-PCI/V

The S2 Penta Sensor is a best selling product that provides analog voltage outputs for both colour and intensity. It features built in colour binning, eliminating the need to convert LED wavelength to visual colour in the ATE software which saves valuable time. 


  • Response time <10mS capture time; <100mS overall response time for colour and intensity simultaneously
  • Output loads: 'Int. & colour' - 2Kohms min., 100pF, max.

Colour Response

  • Tests for the five main LED colours, plus white
  • Unambiguous and stable analog voltage output
  • Colour output is independent of LED intensity
    • ​Blue: 1.0 volts
    • Green: 1.5 volts
    • Yellow/Amber: 2.0 volts
    • Orange: 2.5 volts
    • Red: 3.0 volts
    • White: 3.5 volts

Intensity Response

  • Analog output ranging from 0 to 4 volts
  • Corresponds to LED's luminous intensity in millicandelas
  • C.I.E photopic-curve-corrected
  • Tests LEDs from 1 mcd to 20,000 mcd

High and Low Sensitivity options

This sensor is available in low and very low sensitivity options for extremely bright LEDs.

A high sensitivity option for very dim LEDs is also available.

  • Read-out <50mV indicates under ranging (LED is too dim) therefore please use part ULP-S2-PCI/V-HS (high sensitivity sensor)
  • Read-out <4 volts indicates over ranging (LED is too bright) therefore please use part ULP-S2-PCI/V-LS (low sensitivity sensor)

Intensity response depends on the size of the LED, the aperture of the fiber optic probe and the distance between the probe tip and the LED emitter. For detailed application notes, please contact us.