HVP1 - High voltage probe for Ø8mm round pins

High voltage probe up to 5kV (DC) for Ø8mm round pins 

This high-voltage contacts were developed for contacting e-mobility plugs and sockets in the automotive sector.

The connectors are used for contacting pin, socket & shield contacts under high voltage up to 5000V DC. The measured specifcations refer to the new condition of probes under laboratory conditions with high voltage ramp 0.2s over 10s.

Technical design and application
• contacting of sockets-/ plug contacts
• parallel contact for Kelvin measurement
• parallel monitoring of the isolated finger protection function under high-voltage conditions
• airtight versions available

Important safety note:
If the product is operated with voltages greater than 60V, the country-specifc standards, norms and applicable laws and regalations for the protection of people and machine must be observed. This responsibility is taken over by the operator and manufacturer of equipment using these contact probes. 

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High Voltage Probe

Product specification

Current Resistance
2.00 amps
Battery & High Current Testing
EV Connector Testing
Wire Harness Testing

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Head Style:
Part NumberDescriptionHead DiameterPreload Spring ForceQuantity
High voltage probe up to 5kV (DC) for Ø8mm round pins
14.00 mm
60.00 N