HSP861 High Current Probe Series

High current test head HSP861 with a current up to 50 amps.

The test head includes 24 battery contact probes.

For assembly these test heads will be directly screwed into the conducting material.

The adaptor for the test head has to be designed for contacting the thread as well as the rear side of the test head plate.

Due to the integrated spring loaded plungers, this block offers a low resistance contact even if the contact surface is uneven or inclined.

The maximum current depends on the allowed temperature.

The connection of the plunger should be realized by a flexible wire (recommended 16,0 mm²) with sufficient space for the movement.

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Product specification

12.00 mm
Full Travel
1.20 mm
Working Travel
0.90 mm
Current Resistance
75.00 amps
Continuity Resistance
2.00 mOhms
Product Series
Test Heads
Battery & High Current Testing

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Head Style:
Part NumberHead DiameterWorking Travel Spring ForceHead StyleQuantity
10.70 mm
19.20 N
Headless Dome - D