Battery Test Fixture

For contacting type 18650, 21700 and 26650 round cells, we offer an expandable cell adapter in a modular design for individual laboratory tests. 

The fixture is populated with two exchangeable test probes to contact the battery cells, available in different variations and currents.

The probes can be populated with sense contacts and temperature sensors also. 

Not all options are shown therefore please contact us for more information. 

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Battery Fixture

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High Current
Battery & High Current Testing

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Please choose your Head Diameter and/or Head style to select Probes. The suitable part numbers are then shown below our head style images.

Head Style:
Part NumberDescriptionHead StyleQuantity
Configured with HSP862 100 amp probes
Headless 4 Point Crown - L
Configured with HSP806 50 amp probes
Headless 4 Point Crown - L
Configured with two HSP806-L-SS4 test probe
Headless 4 Point Crown - L