ULP S2 Spectra USB Sensor

Part Number ULP-S2-Spectra-USB

The S2 Spectra USB Sensor tests a wide range of LED intensities including any colour in the visual spectrum, including white. The sensor then provides a linear response with a serial digital output to the PC via the USB connection. 

It’s unique streaming technology provides LED colour wavelength (in tenths of nanometers) and an intensity output, which is displayed/printed out, rapidly and simultaneously, on a PC.  The Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor utilizes Tera Term communications software (included) and can also be obtained using LabView (utilizing VISA technology). The Universal LightProbe Spectra USB Sensor reduces test time and provides continuous automatic data logging for statistical process control (SPC).


  • A standard mini-type B five pin USB connector is integrated into the Spectra USB Sensor and a standard USB cable is provided.
  • Response time <250 mS for colour and intensity as a serial bit-stream (19200 baud rate)

Colour and White Response

  • Test any colour wavelength from 400-700nm including white
  • Provides serial-digital output of LED colour
  • "w" = colour wavelength in tenths of nanometers
  • Or, for white, "w" = a value that corresponds to CCT
  • Display/print-out the linear response with Tera Term software (which is included with purchase)
  • Colour output is independent of LED intensity
  • Unique streaming technology enables LED colour wavelength (and intensity) to be rapidly and simultaneously accessed by a PC and displayed/printed-out
  • Reduces test time and provides continuous automatic data logging for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Multiport display is available

Intensity Response

  • Provides serial digital output for LED intensity 
  • "i" = intensity, from 0 to 65,0000
  • Output corresponds to LED luminous intensity in millicandelas, as seen in most LED manufacturers' specifications
  • C.I.E. photopic-curve-corrected
  • Tests LEDs from 0.03mcd to 18300mcd; up to 293,000mcd with the Spectra Very Low Sensitivity Sensor

High and Low Sensitivity options

This sensor is available in low and very low sensitivity options for extremely bright LEDs.

Read-out > over 65,000 indicates over ranging (LED is too bright) therefore please use part ULP-S2-SPECTRA-USB-LS (low sensitivity sensor)

Read-out  of 4 volts indicates under ranging (LED is too dim)

Intensity response depends on the size of the LED, the aperture of the fiber optic probe and the distance between the probe tip and the LED emitter. For detailed application notes, please contact us.