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Peak Test Services Ltd

152a Front Street
Co. Durham
United Kingdom
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About Peak Test

Founded in 1986, Peak Test is the UK leader in the distribution of test probes and receptacles, it carries the most comprehensive range of probes, many of which are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Peak Test are the UK distributor for Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) Mass Interconnect, Optomistic LED Test and Voltera Prototype PCB Printer.

Peak Test Services is an ISO accredited Company.

The leading UK distributor of Spring Contact Test Probes and Test Accessories

Contacts & Modules

Signal Modules and Contacts
  • Up to 5 Amps supported with QuadraPaddle™ technology
  • Up to 10 Amps supported with TriPaddle technology
  • Supports Twisted Pair, Ethernet and USB applications
Power Modules and Contacts
  • Up to 21 Amps Max. Continuous - Micro Power
  • Up to 65 Amps Max. Continuous - Mini Power
  • Up to 150 Amps Max. Continuous - High Power
Coaxial Modules and Contacts
  • 50 & 75 Ohm solutions
  • Up to 50 GHz
  • Variety of terminations
  • BNC
  • MCX
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • SSMB
  • N-Type
  • Customer Specified
Twinaxial Modules and Contacts
  • Minimum insulation resistance = 106 Mohms
  • Dielectric isolation
  • Centre to intermediate contacts = 600 Vrms
  • Intermediate to outer contacts = 600 Vrms
  • Contact resistance
  • Centre contact <6.5 mhms
  • Intermediate contact <3.5 mohms
  • VSWR is approximately 1.1:1 @ 100 MHz
  • Insertion loss is 0.0044 dB @ 0.2 GHz
  • All terminations are solder
Thermocouple Contacts

Thermocouple contacts are manufactured from chromel or alumel alloys and color-coded for easy identification.  Contacts are crimp terminated and easily inserted into the connector module.  They can be readily removed from the connector module using a special removal tool.

Fibre Optic
Fibre Optic

Fibre optic patchcords are available in two types:

  • Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) supports low-speed, short distance applications. POF Contacts are rated for insertion loss of -4.0 db Max per mated pair.
  • Multimode supports higher speed fibre needs, using 62.5/125µ" diameter fibre with SPC glass polish. Ceramic Mini Multimode contacts are rated for insertion loss of -1.5 db Max per mated pair.
Fibre QSFP

Specialty fibre optic patchcords and cables can be provided to customer specification. From smaller diameter (50/125µ") wire to duplex fibre wiring to separating multiple fibre bundles into individual lines for termination using furcation tubing, please contact us to discuss your fibre optic cabling needs.

Pneumatic Modules and Contacts
  • 100 psi (6.9 Bar) Pressure Rating
  • 20,000 Cycle Life
  • No lubrication necessary
  • 1/8" & 3/8" Pneumatic Contacts

The 2 Port Position Vacuum Modules are available with or without a filter. The modules are made of Black Anodized Aluminium withstanding temperatures between -65° C and 200 ° C.