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Peak Test Services Ltd

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About Peak Test

Founded in 1986, Peak Test is the UK leader in the distribution of test probes and receptacles, it carries the most comprehensive range of probes, many of which are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Peak Test are the UK distributor for Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) Mass Interconnect, Optomistic LED Test and Voltera Prototype PCB Printer.

Peak Test Services is an ISO accredited Company.

The leading UK distributor of Spring Contact Test Probes and Test Accessories

LED Accessories

Universal LightProbes are easily installed with one-hole fixing.  Optomistic Products provides several accessories to make the use and installation of Universal LightProbes fast and simple, including The Sensor Six-Pack, Sensor and Fiber-optic Probe clamps, and Universal LightProbe Connector Cables.

Sensor Six-Pack (S6P)

The Universal LightProbe Sensor Six-Pack provides a compact and efficient way to install six Universal LightProbe Sensors in a single space-saving unit.  The convenient installation provides two standard circuit board header connectors, enabling the use of standard ribbon cable connections for the Universal LightProbe Sensors’ output.  A single power and a single ground wire is all that is needed to connect as many as six Sensors.  The Sensor Six-Pack will accommodate any combination of the pre-programmed Universal LightProbe Sensor models, which can then be paired with a wide variety of Fiber-optic Probes to customize for a specific test.  For example, the Penta Sensor can be combined with “Trident” Fiber-optic Probes to test 18 LEDs.

For more information, please contact us for a datasheet.




Universal LightProbe Connector Cables (ULP-CC)

Provides fool-proof sensor wiring with color-coded and labeled wires, corresponding to sensor pin labeling, with separate sheathing of individual sensor wires for easy identification at the ATE interface. These will save time and over-all assembly cost, and are long, durable and tested. 

For more information, please contact us for a datasheet.







Fiber-optic Probe Clamps – for all Fiber-optic Probe types 

LCP-34 (Clamps for 3.4mm diameter probes)

LCP-27P (Clamps for 2.7mm diameter probes)

LCP-21P (Clamps for 2.1mm diameter probes)

LCP-12P (Clamps for 1.2mm diameter probes)

Individual clamps secure to the probe plate, allowing the height of the Fiber-optic Probe tips above the LEDs to be adjusted.


Probe “Socket” Clamps – for Small-Aperture Fiber-optic Probes (LCP-S12)

A simple and cost-effective option for mounting Small-aperture Probes in the probe plate.  A Socket Clamp tool is needed for insertion and removal of the clamp in the probe plate.




Sensor Mounting Clamps (ULP-CP)

Use a single clamp for the Sensor with a single #10-ANSI screw for one-hole fixing.





Sensor Super Pack (SSP)

The Sensor Super-Pack interface module accommodates up to eight Universal LightProbe
Sensors and can be easily expanded by daisy chaining succeeding assemblies.
• Accommodates up to eight Universal LightProbe Sensors per interface module
• Supply voltage 5V to 28V
• Communication via I2C serial interface
• Can be easily expanded by daisy chaining across interface modules
• Identical connectors at each end of module to permit easy expansion
• Small size module 150mm x 34mm (approximately 5.9” x 1.34”)

Application notes and datasheets are all available on request. Please contact us.