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About Peak Test

Founded in 1986, Peak Test is the UK leader in the distribution of test probes and receptacles, it carries the most comprehensive range of probes, many of which are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Peak Test are the UK distributor for Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) Mass Interconnect, Optomistic LED Test and Voltera Prototype PCB Printer.

Peak Test Services is an ISO accredited Company.

The leading UK distributor of Spring Contact Test Probes and Test Accessories

Test Probe Application Guide

Test probes are available for various different applications. For more information on ensuring you are using the correct probe for your application, please see various application notes below:


ATE Test Probe

Popular ATE probes:

A popular application with a wide choice of series and head styles with centres from 50 mil to 100 mil. These probes are associated with in-circuit test fixtures and functional test fixtures.

For contacting lead free solder pads or very contaminated PCBs, a high progressive range of ATE probes are available. This range of high progressive series not only penetrates viscous residues, but provide a longer life cycle. 


High Current

High Current Test Probe

Popular High Current probes:

High current probes are used when higher currents are involved. We can provide probes that are capable of handling currents from 10 A to 600 A. Temperature sensors and specialized applications assisting with EV testing are also within our range. 

The selection is available with centres from 2.54mm to 5.0mm with a large number of different head styles. High current threaded probes are also available for a secure fit. 


Short Travel

Battery ProbeShort Travel Test Probe

Popular Short Travel/Battery probes:

Compact probes used for applications with limited space. Solder tight versions are available allowing direct soldering onto PCB boards. Various applications use battery contacts such as medical devices, military devices and battery charging applications.

Peak Test can offer customized solutions for this application therefore please contact us with your requirements.



Co-axial probeCo-Axial/Kelvin Test Probe

Popular Co-axial/Kelvin probes:

Co-axial & Kelvin probes consist of two independent test probes which are insulated from each other. A high current Kelvin probe (HSP865 & HSP864) is also available.

In many test applications, like RF connectors, radio frequency signals need to be transmitted. To carry these signals, co-axial test probes are used. The inner conductor of the co-axial is used for the transmission of the signal and the outer conductor is used for electromagnetic shielding.


Push Back

Push Back Test Probe

Popular Push Back probes:

Push back probes are used for testing wire harnesses and connectors.

During the push back test of connectors, the tight seat of the connector element is verified. Very high spring forces are used for this application.


Twist Proof

Twist Proof Test Probe

Popular Twist Proof probes:

Twist proof probes are used for testing connectors and contact blades. The twist proof design is activated within the probe or by mounting into the relevant receptacle.



Pneumatic ProbePneumatic Test Probe

Popular Pneumatic probes:

Pnuematic test probes are operated with compressed air.

Normally, pneumatic test probes are used for functional tests and when measuring points must be triggered individually. A wide range of accessories for the probes are available including reducers and threaded sleeves.


Switch Test Probes

Switch Test Probe

Popular Switch Test Probes:

Available in threaded and plug in options, these test probes are used primarily for cable testing, when a later change to installation height is required and component testing.

View our P888 series which has a rolling ball head style. Due to this unique head style, this series is not sensitive to lateral forces. 

Electrical connection occurs via a connection to the connector pin of the switch probe and a connection to the recetpacle.

Threaded versions prevents the probe twisting out of the relevant receptacle.

Various tip styles, included insulated versions, are available to suit any application


Interface Test Probe

Interface Test Probes:

The interface between test fixtures and test system is usually determined by interface probes which are specialized for each test system.

Peak Test offer interface probes for test systems Genrad 227x / 228x, Teradyne, Zehntel and many more.

High Frequency/RF

High Frequency/RF Test Probe

Popular High Frequency Test Probes:

​High-Frequency test probes are compact, space saving and solid. As a result, they are ideally suited for economically carrying out sensitive measuring tasks involving high-frequencies. The P819 series is designed for High Speed Data (HSD) applications. 

Peak Test offer plug-in and threaded types of high-frequency probes which can be used with matching receptacles for secure, easy replacements.